A Girl Child as a Waste

Although millions of successful women impact nations, outshined male siblings and withheld family honor, a “girl” remains a perceived burden in some communities. Time has evolved, human lives improved by technology, cultures have altered but, stereotypes about women have stood the taste of time. Human righthttp://womenasbuildingblockss activists and feminists strive to uphold a woman’s value, yet people continue to refer female sex as invaluable.

A woman: Family Building Block

Research has proven women to be intelligent, hardworking, multi talented, and capable of coordinating and building families. Women according to studies are more likely to ensure the reconstruction of family compounds, provide work persons and financial aids to relatives and u like society perceive. A knowledgeable, enlightened and a financial independent woman is more likely to impact lives in family than not. While men are more likely to be contented at offering financial assistance but, remain committed to wife and children, women do a follow up to ensure old family members are well catered for. Ensuring a daughter’s education and financial independence is, planning a bright future for your family.


Today’s woman is no longer a liability, women are into building, shaping and restructuring society.


Although women have struggled endlessly to eradicate bias against the feminine gender, gender discrimination continues to be the order of the day. In our patrichial societies, nothing done by a woman seems right to the humane.

Every failed marriage is blamed on the woman whom according to the society is: impatient, money minded, flirtatious and prostitution oriented such that she can’t maintain a home. Why doesn’t the society look beyond the stereotypes it has against women and discover the brain behind most successful marriages is a woman?

Women As Barriers To Their Sex With Regards To Politics

The primary pest a woman must deal with to exceed in politics is a woman’s unwillingness to support females in politics.

How women perceive women in politics

Having being brain washed by: custodians of cultures, opinion leaders and agenda setters, women grow regarding politics, a “men’s” affair. Unlike men, women who adventure into politics witness serious opposition and criticism from both men/women and are referred to as,q head strong, arrogant and disrespectful. In fear of isolation and chastisement, women with political ambitions remain unheard than adventure into the political scene in order to maintain a good reputation.


This unwillingness of women not to support sex is what has given room for the unfavorable resolutions concerning women at high decision making tables. It’s at high political offices that events are triggered, the fate of a people decided and the rights of a people fought for. If a woman wants the status of her sex be improved, then; a woman must push a woman foward.

Gender Bais in Politics

Women for ages have been given very limited chances and encouragement to partake in politics.

Limited women in politics

This gap in the pilitical arena has developed over years such that, few females are interested in politics because, women grow knowing politics as a “men affair”. According to report, from United Nations Debvelopment Program (2020) at least 90% of men/women. Research has proven “the thought” of a woman’s incapacity to handle a political office a fallacy. A woman is: intelligent, better in terms accountability, honesty and compassion. The tendency is that a woman would be moved to change the conditions of her electorates than a man, Pew research (2008).


Women have successfuly ruled as heads states such as: (Angela Merkel of Gemany, Katerina Sakellaropoulou of Greece, etc). Society should give women a chance to attain heights in politics and women should rise and explore the world of politics.

The World is Really Unsave for Women

The murder of a woman in today’s generation has become a dailyroutine.

Judgement on a woman’s murder

For minor causes each time a woman is murdered, everyone looks for ways to excuse such atrocities. When a woman hurts her husband, the news spreads like wildfires, she is condemned for whatever reason she did it but, men murder their wives not to mention girlfriends yet people justify their acts as “the girls of today are all flirts and money minded” are those reasons enough to kill a person? Is there anything a man does better than flirting? Men lure and dump women, every second yet society only blames that, that women are not of good conduct. Why is it an issue when a lady decides to give up on a relationship?

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Subduing a Woman to Respect Baised Cultures is Evil

Most cultures especially in Africa make a woman go through inhuman treatment after the lose of her husband.

The plight of an African widow

When a woman loses her husband, she is expected to wear sackcloths, isolate from public for sometime. In other cultures, women walk bare feet, sleep on bare floor or mat for long all to the detriment of her health. To the “African man” all this is to prove she cares and respects the bereaved. On the contrary when a woman dies, no one expects the husband to go through these processes. shouldn’t a man also prove his respect, love and care for the wife? Doesn’t it matter whether or not a woman is loved? How else can this be interpreted?


The world is really unfavorable to a woman and, non is looking into changing these evil cultures and these things make women wear out rapidly.

Victimising the Female Victims

The only crime which society leaves the culprit and blames victim is rape because, it’s about the female gender.

How society justifies rape against women

Rape cases are hidden in society simply because ladies fear being blamed for being raped. Why not decry the evil rather than victimising the victim? “She wore a short dress, her breasts and laps were exposed” Society says. When men dress in seductive ways with pants exposed who rapes them? Do the reasons above justify the rape? No they don’t.


Justice for the female gender! Decry rape and, stop blaming women for crimes committed by men.

Why Should Women Accept What Men Deny ?

What a nightmare for the unfortunate gender! “A married woman shouldn’t keep late nights but a man should even spend nights out of home without valuable excuses”

Was that what the Bible meant by a woman is the supporter of a man? If men claim women are as weak as they claim, why not treat them the way weak objects are treated? Has an egg ever been treated like an onion? Don’t subject these multitasked gold hearted creatures to torture.

Being an African house wife means; no say in deciaions, no time to catch fun with friends, no time to be served but must serve, no right to questiona man even when he is wrong. Men change your mentality, women are gone passed that stage.

A woman Cheats Society Condemns a Man Does its custom

Society oblidges a woman to accept infidelity in her home but if she indulges into it, she is condemned

Judgement on marrital infidelity

Why does society think a woman should be subjected to torture? When a married man cheats, society defends it as nature but a woman does she is a prostitute. If a woman talks when a man cheats, she is disrespectful and deserves beating.


What the hell of a world for women? Women have blood and flesh like men so, if we want justice in society then we must start it between the two sexes.

House Chores: A Bone on a Woman’s Throat

A woman in good or bad health is, labelled the “owner” of house chores to her detriment.

How society perceives house chores

The mentality of house chores as a “woman’s affair” is, reinforced purposefully from older men to young boys to ensure patriarchy continues. Whether a woman is sick, pregnant or tired, she is solely tasked with domestic works. On no excuse is a woman encouraged to be relaxed while the’re domestic chores but, a man sits in front of television set all day, no one complains.


If contributing financially exempts one from domestic chores, women assisting their families financially shouldn’t be tasked with house duties.

Women as Wealth not Owners of Wealth.

The African man sees a girl as wealth but not part of the family’s wealth owner. The boy is regarded as the king and inherits family’s wealth for reasons tied to believes and ideas passed from ancestors (bais cultures).

Reasons women are not allowed to own family wealth in Africa.

  • Firslty, some cultures regard women as properties of their husbands and not families of origin.
  • Also, the believe that a woman forgets her family after marriage.
  • To add, some cultures believe, women who own properties are arrogant, disrespectful, and won’t be submissive in marriages.
  • Lastly, the believe that male children keep family lineage not the female
  • Poverty and miseary on women


Not allowing your female child own property is, setting a miserable future for her and, a woman shouldn’t only be regarded as wealth but be wealth owner.

Culture Hinders Female Education

African cultures have played a vital role in the high level of female iliteracy.

How cultures Percieve women in terms of education

  1. Cultures lable women as properties of men as such, some families see investing in a girl’s. Education as waste of resources
  2. Some cultures like that or the hausa’s believe educated girls are lazy, Sturbon and less dependent on their husbands and as such, require girls to marry at very tender ages to prevent them from high attaining high levels of education
  3. Some cultures regard women as house keepers and baby making machine s only.

The effects of culture’s influence on femal Education

  • Leads to low self esteem of the female beings
  • High rate of poverty among women
  • High dependency rate
  • Suppression of women’s right because, uneducated women don’t know their rights.
  • Wastage of human skill.


The repercussions of cultures on women’s education have hindered development because creative minds are wasting in marriages

Cultures as Back Bone for Gender Inequality


African Cultures have been made from ancient days to promote ideas that keep women in a stand still position. These cultures held firmly by men in every society are ensured to be held in high esteem and in a continues partern

How cultures work to keep women subordinated

Being a patriarchal society, institutions, organisations as well as families hold strong to ensure the a woman does not have right to certain assets, as well as participation to some community functions.

A woman by nature is fit for any task but, the makers of cultures already set an agenda such that, a woman has remained under the feet of a man. This practice move from one generation to the other and, women themselves have compromised their rights and willingly accepted their “said” position as the inferior and weaker sex.

The effects of cultural placed limitations on women

  • Lack self confidence
  • Depend on husband for decisions
  • Endure painful situations in silence because a woman in never right
  • Maltreatment in matrimonial homes

A Mother: The vector for gender inequality

Mother-child intimacy

Women spend time with their kids than their husbands. At tender ages between zero and twelve the mother is a role model to a child and this is the period that the mother shapes attitudes and build a child to what he or she becomes as an adults.

How mothers encourage inequality

Gender inequality can’t be blamed solely on the men because women are actually the motors through which this inequality is transmitted from one generation to the other. having accepted subordination women exhibit attitudes that portray them as second-class human being. In raising children, women instill patterns into their sons and daughters making the boys grows believe they are superior and what the say stand, while the girls grow believing they have no say and ought to be under the men in any condition. In an African home, the things a mother says does to the son and daughter nurses that believe that women out to accept subordination. an African mother would tell her innocent daughter in the presence of a younger sonthat, “I have told you to learn to respect your brother because, a man is never small and a man is the ahead of every house and as such, you must practice such that when you get married you would bend low to your husband. This is how the pattern of gender inequality is transmitted from the mother to children at tender ages. A mother goes to the market and buys toys like dolls, plastic plates, spoons, dishes and other kitchen utensils for the daughter. The message the daughter decodes automaticlly is that “you are good for homemaking, and caring for kids. While the boys toys such as planes, vehicles and shapes that can be joined to form some beautiful objects tell tells the boy that, “You are good for the outside world not house chores like your sister”

The seeds of the mother grows to manifestation

Having grown up with a doctrine, both the boy and the girl practice what they live it in their matrimonial homes and transmit to their own children. Thus, a continuation of gender inequality. It’s high time women and men be mindful of their actions and words of they put before their children.

Socialisation: Core of Gender Inequality

The disparity that exist in the society in terms of roles, power, superiority, authority can only be attributed to socialisation.

From communicating and learning at a tender age, a man grows with that spirit of “I am the boss”. The society is built such that once a boy begins to reason and identify objects, consciously and unconsciously, people begin to recommend duties that are considered to be men’s to them. At tender ages whatever is said to a male on a continues basis rings a bell in the mind of the child thus: building up that trend of superiority.

The intention behind phrases like, “boys do not stay in the kitchen because the kitchen is meant for the women” is to build up that strong man that will grow up to demonstrate superiority over his female counterpart. A man grows from infancy with those ideas of being the head, the commander the stronger and the avoider of certain chores such that, the result at adulthood is the subordination of women in the society.

Gender is not sex

Many people in the society especially in Africa seem to use gender and sex interchangeably. It is to this effects that the roles the women assume in the society are referred to by many African men as, a birthright. To bring out the difference, we go by their definitions. Gender is the sociopolitical, economic and cultural roles that are accorded to a person based on the sex by the society. This is to say, certain roles in the society assumed by some groups of people is based on the idea of either they are, of the male or the female sex.

Sex on its part is the biological, natural, or birth differences that exist between a man and a woman. From birth, a child is is gender free but of either the male or female sex, but as the child continues to grow, from observation and what they are thought, the begin to figure out what the male sex is supposed to do in the society, and what the female sex is too. In trying to adapt to what the society has built, they figure out which sex they belong to and adhere to those roles and the trend continues.

Sex on its part is the biological, natural, or birth differences that exist between a man and a woman. From birth, a child is is gender free but of either the male or female sex, but as the child continues to grow, from observation and what they are thought, the begin to figure out what the male sex is supposed to do in the society, and what the female sex is too. In trying to adapt to what the society has built, they figure out which sex they belong to and adhere to those roles and the trend continues.

From the definitions above, it’s crystal clear no one is born with a role. Everyone is only made to grow adapted to certain norms that the earlier generations had already put in place and as such, “labeling” some very tedious works women’s duties is unreasonable and inhuman.

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